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Dwarkadhish Temple - Rajsamand

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In the first instance shri Dwarkadhishji's temple was constructed at village Aasotia near Kankroli. The construction was started by the maharaj shree with the help of maharana Raj singh in samwat 1721. That was a very bad time or Mewar, when here was an acute shortage of water. Shri Brij Bhushanji (First) was constaint to come to mewar for safety of prabhu, as that time Ahemdabad was a disturbed area because Goswamy Shree Brij Raajee took Thakurjee Shree Bal Krishnajee out of Ahemdabad. As a result of this reason, in the opening of samvat 1727 Shree Dwarkadhish Prabhu Firstly stayed at Sadri, thereafter on Bhadrapadra Shukla Saptmi (Seventh day) Prabhu Shree Dwarkadhish came to new temple of Aasotia

Because of heavy rainfall in Samvat 1751, the Aasotia temple was flooded. The temple became islet (a little island) Maharajshree took Prabhu Shree Dwarkadhish to another safe place Dewalmangri where Prabhu stayed for 3 days.

Having regard to the circumstance, Maharaj Kumar Shree Amar Sinnghji allotted Darikhana and Haweli's Hilly land for construction of the new temple. After construction fo new temple, this place was named Giridhar Garh.Prabhu Dwarkadhishji's came to the new temple on the 9th day Chaitra Krishna in Samvat 1776. The new temple was improved from time to time and completed in Samvat 1980. The new improved temple is an excellent place on the bank of Rajsamand Lake People from every corner of the country come here for Darshan and Sight Seeing every day.

This tample bears similarities to its counterpart in Nathdwara.

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Darshan Time
10 Jan, 16 (Sunday)
Ekam, Shukla Paksh Paush
  • Mangla 05:15 to 06:00
  • Shringar 07:15 to 07:45
  • Gwal 09:15 to 09:30
  • Rajbhog 11:25 to 12:15
  • Uthapan 03:40 to 04:00
  • Bhog 04:45 to 05:00
  • Aarti 05:15 to 06:00
  • Shayan N/A
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