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mangla shrinathji darshan


This is the first darshana of the day. the name mangala underlines the auspiciousness of begining the day with a glimpse of the Lord. in winter, this darshana takes place befor sunrise while in summer, it is later.

shringar shrinathji darshan


The next darshana follows the first by an hour and is called shringar. Shrinathji is dressed carefully from head to nails and a garland of flowers is placed around His neck. Mukhiya Ji holds a mirror in front of Him so that He can satisfy Himself that He is well dressed.

gwal shrinathji darshan


The third darshana takes place at the hour when the Lord used to take his cows to pasture. The Mukhiya of the gaushala visit Shrinathji at this time to inform Him that all His cows are well. during this darshan as it is assumed that Krishna will be playing with His friends.

rajbhog shrinathji darshan


The main meal of the day is offered to Shri Nath Ji at around 11.30 Am. In Rajbhog Darshan Shrinathji is seen in all his regal splendour and at the end of this darshana, the Lord retires for three hours.

uthapan shrinathji darshan


During the afternoon, around 3.30 p. m., Shrinathji is aroused from His nap. A conch is blown, for it is time for Him to return home with His cows. The vina is played followed by kirtana. Surdas, the celebrated blind devotee, mystic and poet, is supposed to be the chief singer of this darshana.

bhog shrinathji darshan


The sixth darshan of the day takes place an hour after utthapana. A light meal is served to Shrinathji. A chhadidar stands guard formally dressed and his function is to inform Svaminiji of Shrinathji's arrival, so that she can obtain His darshana and arrange to milk the cows.

aarti shrinathji darshan


Arati is the evening darshana and takes place at dusk, when Krishna used to bring his cows home from the fields. The arati removes the fear of any ill effects resulting from His wanderings in the woods and protects Him from harm.

shayan shrinathji darshan


The last darshana of the day is "Shayan" means Sleeping Time for God. This darshana is usually not held for the six months, from chaitra Shukla 1st day to Ashvin Shukla 9th day.

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