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Arrival of Shrinathji in NathdwaraOppressed by Aurangzeb's fanaticism and obsession for destroying Hindu temples, the religious places became insecure. Seeking to find a secure place for the idols of Shreenathji and his seven forms, Tilkayat Govind ji Maharaj and elder brother Balkrishna Ji Maharaj set up these idols in the ancient village Sinhad of Nathdwara on national highway eight on Falguni Krishna Saptami 1728. After the completion of the temple, the idols “Shrivigrah' were shifted to the temple and the city was re-named Nath-dwara. The Sudershan Chakra and seven flags can be still seen on the tiled roof. The internal management of this major seat of Vaishnava sect is unique. Everyday the child image of lord Krishna is worshipped as a baby. Starting with Mangala till the last darshna special decorations are done and exhibits are displayed during the course of the day.
Devotees flock to the city throughout the year but particularly during festivals such as Deepawali, Holi, Janmashthami it is impossible to find a place to stay. During Deepawali people turn out in large numbers to witness 'Gau-Krida' or cow-play which is followed by 'Annakuta' in which a rice heap is made before the chief deity and different kinds of delicacies are prepared which are plundered first by the viewers and thereafter by the tribal people. Inside the temple complex the wells of ghee, oil, the mills of gold and silver, Mahaprabhuji's Baithak are worth viewing. Even today, no festival is complete here without Shreenathji.
There is a cowshed 2.5 kilometers from the temple on the road to Mavli. Here thousands of cows are served and the milk received from them is filled in pots and carried to the Brijwasi temple by volunteers. There is a huge Giriraj Parvat (Mount) on the banks of river Banas on the top which is situated a Shiva temple. Known as 'Bada Mangra', construction of Parikrama (walk around) is underway which would add to its importance. There is the temple garden 'Lalbagh' behind the hill, which has a water tank, Fountains and museum attracting tourist attention. In addition to Lalbagh, the other gardens that elicit response from tourists are Kachwai bagh, Odan Bagh, Yahodanandan bagh.
The hill opposite Giriraj Parvat is known as 'Bandariya Magra' on the top of which there is a Hanuman temple. Other places of interest are Ganesh Tekri, Rambhola, Jarkhandi, Barkhandi etc. The main occupation of people of Nathdwara is directly related to Shreenathji. The Pichwai art of Nathdwara is world famous. Beads making, silver ornaments, drawing, hotels, restaurants and cottage industries related to cosmetic material are the pillars of the city's economy. The pictures of Shreenathji made here are known all over the world.

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